When ‘Just Dance’ came out in April 2008, I instantly dismissed it as another average pop song sung by another inconsequential female artist. With the release of ‘Poker Face’ later that year my opinions remained unchanged. As 2008 turned into 2009 and 2009 into 2010, however, the behemoth that now is Lady Gaga has steadily risen in gestating an opinion of utmost respect.

A few Saturday’s ago, walking around the east end of London nursing some seriously sore heads, the topic of Lady Gaga was thrust upon my sorry soul by a pal and his girlfriend. The topic turned into a discussion, a discussion into a heated debate, a heated debate into a all out row and, after a pause in proceedings for a cigarette and a toilet break, an all out row into an agreement to disagree. Phew. Read the rest of this entry »