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As of 2pm on the day of the Budget, the below were the first headlines of each of the respective newspapers / media outlets. Read full headline list »


On Monday afternoon Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair’s communications supremo, fired a shot across the bow(el)s of Nick Watt, the Guardian’s chief political correspondent.

This tale of political fart-throwing began with an article written by Watt correlating Dave (my wife’s pregnant) Cameron’s below performance at Lewisham College to that of John Major’s infamous election turn-around of ’92 – the much fabled election campaign that saw Major take to the streets armed with an upturned soap-box. Read the rest of this entry »

Let me take you somewhere. Stick this on in the background, and get involved with the below.

After several months ignoring Conservative party electioneering, this weekend saw Labour waddle up to the edge of the pool and penguin dive into the deep end. It began on Saturday with Gordon and Harriet taking a well scripted jaunt up the M40 to Warwick University and ended with a full blown multi-pronged war of words.

Competing in the inaugural race of this years swim meet were Gordon Brown, The Observer, Journalists at large, the wider media, social tea party goers and an apparently innocent bystander with a floppy tongue. Read the rest of this entry »

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