This week including Joan Baez, Johnny Hooker and Johnny Cash, the new Gorillaz, OK GO and Tallest Man tracks and 15 mins of Chemical Brothers’ finest. Enjoy.


#1 Awaking:
Six hours and fourty-five minutes past the dingy morning of March’s ninth consecutive day, my Nokia’s livid alarm went off in room number three hundred and four of Hiatt Baker’s B block of the University of Bristol. My girlfriend, María, unsolicitous, lied her extended body on the squeaky single bed we buoyantly, and sometimes indignant, shared whenever I decided to visit. Knowing what lied ahead of me was nothing more than a healthily frenzied day, I swung up with diminished procrastination. Read the rest of this entry »

In a period of overture before the cacophony of Tallest Man on Earth gig came a jaunt south on the Eurostar. Beasting our way through southern England, we found ourselves in the bar.

We are Joao, a descendant of Portugal raised in the self proclaimed socialist breeding grounds of Luxembourg’s international schools, his Icelandic girlfriend Maria and me, an Englishman with a penchant for live music and youthful follies into the unknown. Read the rest of this entry »

24 heures à Bruxelles - @dododan

With charisma slightly greater than that of a damp rag, Tuesday will see us set sail under the channel en route to the Capital of Belgium, Brussels. Armed with several guitars, tickets to a gig and having booked an all night session in a recording studio, the 24 hours that’ll commence from noon Tuesday might get interesting. Check out for a spot of live story telling.

And in doing my bit for the entente cordiale:

Avec un charisme presque meilleur que celui d’un tapis mouillé, nous nous rendrons mardi dans la capitale belge, Bruxelles. Armés de plusieurs guitares, billets pour un concert et surtout une session nocturne dans un studio de radio, les 24 heures a partir de mardi midi pourraient devenir interéssantes. Venez a pour une transmission en direct de notre histoire. Spotify playlist: Dododan080310 Spotify playlist: Dododan010310

Saw the above photo printed in Wednesday’s LA Times. The Olympics as a brand is inimitable in it’s reach and exposure. What more could you want from a brand endorsement than the above? Brilliant photo.

Original article here

Let me take you somewhere. Stick this on in the background, and get involved with the below.

After several months ignoring Conservative party electioneering, this weekend saw Labour waddle up to the edge of the pool and penguin dive into the deep end. It began on Saturday with Gordon and Harriet taking a well scripted jaunt up the M40 to Warwick University and ended with a full blown multi-pronged war of words.

Competing in the inaugural race of this years swim meet were Gordon Brown, The Observer, Journalists at large, the wider media, social tea party goers and an apparently innocent bystander with a floppy tongue. Read the rest of this entry »

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