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Morten Morland @ The Times

So, the American government is worried that: a failing Pakistani government may lead to the release of sensitive materials onto the black market, Angela Merkel lacks creativity, the Brits did a poor job in Sangin, Gordon Brown lacks social skills and the Saudis do not wish for a nuclear Iran.

All of this ‘secret’ information thrust upon us over the past 48 hours by an apathetic US Marine via Wikileaks and a handful of international newspapers is supposed to be ‘in the public interest.’ Avoiding the arduous subject as to what is and what isn’t in the public interest, here is why I disagree with the files’ release. Read the rest of this entry »


As I attempt to fully compile my thoughts into an opinion as to the facts, pre-cursors and ramifications of the attempted terror attack on the people of Detroit, I find myself being drawn towards history.

The Arabs, since being defeated by the Ottomans in Aleppo, have generally been done over by a chorus of nations. In recent history, since being broken up as spoils of war post WW2, the Arab lands became the battle grounds throughout the Cold War. Arab nations needed to take sides in order to fuel their respective desires (and Arsenal’s). Those nations (re-branded Axis’ of evil) that sided with the Russians became, post cold war, targets of American vengeance (some might say rightly so). Read the rest of this entry »

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