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Morten Morland @ The Times

So, the American government is worried that: a failing Pakistani government may lead to the release of sensitive materials onto the black market, Angela Merkel lacks creativity, the Brits did a poor job in Sangin, Gordon Brown lacks social skills and the Saudis do not wish for a nuclear Iran.

All of this ‘secret’ information thrust upon us over the past 48 hours by an apathetic US Marine via Wikileaks and a handful of international newspapers is supposed to be ‘in the public interest.’ Avoiding the arduous subject as to what is and what isn’t in the public interest, here is why I disagree with the files’ release. Read the rest of this entry »


24 heures à Bruxelles - @dododan

With charisma slightly greater than that of a damp rag, Tuesday will see us set sail under the channel en route to the Capital of Belgium, Brussels. Armed with several guitars, tickets to a gig and having booked an all night session in a recording studio, the 24 hours that’ll commence from noon Tuesday might get interesting. Check out for a spot of live story telling.

And in doing my bit for the entente cordiale:

Avec un charisme presque meilleur que celui d’un tapis mouillé, nous nous rendrons mardi dans la capitale belge, Bruxelles. Armés de plusieurs guitares, billets pour un concert et surtout une session nocturne dans un studio de radio, les 24 heures a partir de mardi midi pourraient devenir interéssantes. Venez a pour une transmission en direct de notre histoire.

I saw the following article in the Telegraph yesterday: . Whether he went on a Twitter course or not, it’s a great way of raising pre-launch
publicity of his upcoming twitter page / USA Trip. Brilliant also that Sauce
Comms got him coverage across the varying demographics of entertainment radio
and the broadsheet press.

An altogether impressive show of nous by Sauce in their cross-pollination of traditional and social media in the launching of a publicity campaign. He’ll have 1m followers by March.

It’s clear that micro-blogging is seeing an exponential increase
in uptake (comScore suggested 31bn web vids were viewed by 170m US internet users in November alone, with the average length being 4min).

The serious numbers of competing sites (micros such as, Twitvid, ustream and 12seconds and the majors, Hulu and Vimeo et al), all vying for prominence, would suggest that users are heading in the multimedia micro-blogging

Youtube has undoubtedly been a massive hit throughout the
past 5-6 years. The two biggest hindrances to MASS (<10pc of users
provide 100pc of content) appeal, however, are the necessity for users to edit footage and the time it takes to upload. Read the rest of this entry »

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