As of 2pm on the day of the Budget, the below were the first headlines of each of the respective newspapers / media outlets.

Channel 4 – Budget shows how Labour hopes to neutralise Tory attacks

BBC – Darling targets first time buyers

FT – Darling delivers ‘Budget for growth’

Economist – Sparing the knife: An intensely political budget will merely tinker around the edges

Guardian – Darling rules out ‘shortsighted’ spending cuts

Times – Darling soaks the rich in pre-election Budget

Telegraph – £1m home sales taxed to fund stamp duty cut

Independent- Darling turns the screw on wealthy minority

The Sun – Budget for ‘testing’ times

Mirror – Chancellor Alistair Darling gives helping hand to first time buyers

Daily Mail – Now it’s class war” darling hammers the better off with tax rises, a stamp duty hike £1m homes (and a nasty surprise for Lord Ashcroft)

Reuters – Darling cuts debt forecast

Iain Dale – The Chancellor Who Said Nothing
(Tory Blog)

Left Foot – Public split on economic strategy (but don’t want Osborne)
(Labour Blog)

Robert Peston – Chancellor moves bank lending goal posts