On Monday afternoon Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair’s communications supremo, fired a shot across the bow(el)s of Nick Watt, the Guardian’s chief political correspondent.

This tale of political fart-throwing began with an article written by Watt correlating Dave (my wife’s pregnant) Cameron’s below performance at Lewisham College to that of John Major’s infamous election turn-around of ’92 – the much fabled election campaign that saw Major take to the streets armed with an upturned soap-box.

Fast forward to ten minutes:

What flicked Campbell’s bean into a hastily written blog post, however, was his perception that Watt had been spoon fed a clever cocktail of Tory Spin. At nearly 1000 words, Campbell’s satirical rant laid into the naivety of Watt in falling for the highly strategic briefing of “a top notch Tory Spin Doctor, not just an average bog-standard briefer”.

Last night Watt returned home to his own fart factory and brewed himself a little treat in rebuttal. In a similarly satirical article, Watt today laid into Campbell detailing, with an amusing mix of pseudo-flattery, all the facts Campbell hadn’t used in his highly cherry picked blog post. Tit for Campbell’s Tat.

While there is evidently no love lost between these two, bravo for airing their noxious laundry in the public eye.

I think we’ll call this one a draw.

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