Tory Party HQ today confirmed that Samantha Cameron is pregnant.

The announcement of any political pregnancy is always one treated with suspicion and cynicism. Coming just weeks before the general election, and on the same day as some risqué photos were released of a young Sam Cam, this announcement will not be treated any differently.

As the colourful pictures of a smiling Cameron run off tonight’s press’, journalists across the board will pen articles lighting the flame of a grieving family’s new beacon of hope – albeit with a raised eyebrow.

Regarding that eyebrow, many of you will be familiar with my disposition for cynicism. As such, my immediate thoughts were that this is yet another Cameroon PR stunt laden with the usual hallmarks of the Tories ‘we’ll-do-anything-to-get-elected’ strategy.

On reflection, however, my opinion has softened. Planning a pregnancy is not as simple as turning on a Barry White record and releasing one’s troops fallopian tube bound. Despite this being ominously good news for Cameron’s political machine, I refuse to accept that she has offered her uterus for any other reason than a mothers desire to attempt at poring hope into the void left by a deceased child.

Good luck to them.